Just Plain Stupid

  • Cops: Fraudster Posed As Member Of Nickelback

    In a deeply embarrassing fraud scheme, an idiot from Florida actually posed as the drummer for Nickelback in a bid to swindle a company out of $25,000 worth of high-end microphones1]. This mook was himself a drummer and has played with some well-known bands. But really... calling him a celebrity is generous at best. He's soon to be called a felon.

  • Sprite's Brutally Refreshing Campaign Brutally Criticised as Sexist

    For a cold drink the makers of Sprite have found themselves in hot water. And the response has been... well... brutal. Parent company Coca-Cola issued an apology and took down its “#BrutallyRefreshing” ad campaign for Sprite after it sparked a major social media backlash for its sexist and offensive nature. Aiming at a male audience the creators clearly have shot themselves in the foot, which apparently was in their mouth at the time.

  • Canadian oil advocate apologizes for post declaring lesbians are hot

    Whether lesbians are hot... or not... doesn't really matter. (We think they're hot, but nobody's asking us.) What matters is that a Canadian oil advocacy group's effort to promote Canadian oil has gotten them into hot water. And no amount of Canadian oil will soothe that burning sensation when the internet opens fire.

  • Two Fox News commentators suspended over profanity in response to Obama

    Two on-air "personalities" from Fox News were suspended Monday for using profanities during a broadcast in response to President Barack Obama's Sunday terrorism speech. All we can say is: "Do their mother's know they talk like this?" Well... if they were tuned in, they do now!

  • Advertising Fail Redux: Actually Promoting Rape

    A Singapore clothing company apologized this week for a Black Friday advertisement that promoted rape! The SuperGurl ad showed a young girl, eyes closed, with the offending caption “Rape Us Now" highlighted in pink. Move over Bloomingdales for most offensive ad this year!

  • Bloomingdale's apologizes for offensive holiday ad

    What were the ad copy guys at Bloomingdale's thinking when they dropped this bomb that on the surface seems to promote date-rape! Yikes! (If you don't see this atrocity above click the read more link.)

  • DMX Arrested Over Unpaid Child Support

    On June 26, 2015 as DMX (whose real name is Earl Simmons) was on his way to perform at Radio City Music Hall he was arrested by NYC Sheriff's deputies. Seems like DMX will be singing a different tune now!

  • Star Wars Actor Jake Broadbent Arrested After Police Chase

    Star Wars actor Jake Broadbent was arrested this month (June 2015) after leading South Carolina police on a 25-mile high speed chase. We must say, the "force" was strong with this one. Well, that is until he crashed his car and got arrested... by the police force!

  • Iowa Lawmaker Ross Paustian Caught Reading 'Sex After Sixty' on Iowa House Floor

    In March of 2015 Iowa State Rep. Ross Paustian was caught reading 'Sex After Sixty" on the House floor. He later apologized for the incident but not before a photograph went viral. High five to Brianne Pfannenstiel of the Des Moines Register who took the picture! And, Mr. Paustian, so, how's the sex?

  • Lance Armstrong Pleads Guilty To Careless Driving

    This past February 2015, Lance Armstrong kept himself out of court by pleading guilty to careless driving. The charges came after Armstrong hit two parked cars in December 2014 while driving his SUV in Aspen, Colorado. We gotta ask, was his SUV on steroids, or is Armstrong such a really bad driver that he managed to hit not one, but two parked cars.

  • Former Professional Hockey Player Frank Bialowas Arrested For Shoplifting

    This past February 2015 Frank Bialowas, former professional hockey player within the Philadelphia Flyers organization, was arrested for shoplifting. Bialowas was caught leaving the store while trying to hide a $54 dimmer switch "to avoid paying for it." Looks like things went dim on his career and now going dim on his life.

  • Krispy Kreme Apologizes For KKK Doughnut Klub Errrrr Club

    The King or is it “Cing” (maybe that’s more politically correct?) of Doughnuts found themselves in a bit of hot frying oil and are now coming out with a big, fat, juicy, sugary, creamy, glazed, apology! We love it... perhaps even more than their doughnuts... and we don't know why!

  • Bill Gates Was Once Arrested - Really!

    As a young man, Bill Gates took the fall... but it didn't hurt his career any. In fact, his little incident of youth may have even given him some street cred! And don't you just love how he smiled for his mug shot?