• Hollywood's Most Wanted - Harassers, Molesters and Rapists Rap Sheet

    At Into Rehab we know enough to keep our hands to ourselves, keep our mouths shut, and pay for sex only when we have to. But for years the pigs in Hollywood have been known to grab 'em, poke 'em and spank 'em whenever the hell they pleased. Now that their dirty little secrets are out, our friends at Breitbart have done the heavy lifting and compiled a rap sheet of the worst offenders. Enjoy!

  • 16 and Pregnant's Valerie Fairman Dead In Spite of 5 Trips to Rehab

    Valerie Fairman (1993-2016)

    Valerie Fairrman of 16 and Pregnant fame has died. The cause of death was not immediately reported and remained under investigation. But c'mon folks... 16... pregnant.... a history of arrests for prostitution and using false ID... and a history of substance abuse. We are sad to say this is a definite OD. She leaves a 7-year old child.

  • Sprite's Brutally Refreshing Campaign Brutally Criticised as Sexist

    For a cold drink the makers of Sprite have found themselves in hot water. And the response has been... well... brutal. Parent company Coca-Cola issued an apology and took down its “#BrutallyRefreshing” ad campaign for Sprite after it sparked a major social media backlash for its sexist and offensive nature. Aiming at a male audience the creators clearly have shot themselves in the foot, which apparently was in their mouth at the time.

  • Rehab Guru Christopher Bathum Accused of Sex Slavery (UPDATE)

    It's all so sordid... yet around here so delicious! A former crook (he was convicted of felony mail and wire fraud in 2002) with no formal medical training or certification, gets to run a million dollar rehab operation in Malibu. And there he drugs, imprisons and screws his patients - literally. Only in California... where rehab and sex are considered a lifestyle.

    UPDATE: This mook just got himself arrested for "transport [or] sale of a controlled substance. Oh yeah, and the California Department of Health wants to shut down his entire operation. 

  • Calvin Klein Takes Heat for Upskirt Ad

    Here we go again. Another major corporation offending... well... just about everyone. Everyone that is except maybe pedophiles and teenage boys. With a highly sexualized underwear ad featuring a peek up a young girl's skirt, Calvin Klein has taken their edgy, often offensive ads in the past to new heights... or depending on your perspective new depths!

  • Biloxi, MIssissippi Mayor A.J. Holloway Goes Into Rehab (UPDATED)

    In January of 2015, A.J. Holloway, Mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi checked himself into an alcohol treatment program, aka rehab -- good for him!

  • Crushed!

    Ever been caught playing Candy Crush in the middle of an important meeting? Well, this British politician has. And the scandal is oh so sweet! Although definitely not the biggest story we have ever broken here on Into Rehab, it still seems rather unfitting for a such a stately politician to be playing Candy Crush during a committee discussion on pension reform and the insurance industry.

  • Bill Cosby Say It Ain't So

    Gone are the days of comedic relief of the Bill Cosby show... and those picture perfect moments that we remember him by. America's dad is dead.

  • Hubris Caused the Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

    John F. Kennedy Jr. (1960-1999)

    In the 1980s and 1990s, John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the slain president, was the most celebrated of the younger generation of that famous political family. He had all the charm and good looks that an uncrowned prince could possibility want. Sadly his life ended violently and unexpectedly through the tragic flaw of pride.