• Whether lesbians are hot... or not... doesn't really matter. (We think they're hot, but nobody's asking us.) What matters is that a Canadian oil advocacy group's effort to promote Canadian oil has gotten them into hot water. And no amount of Canadian oil will soothe that burning sensation when the internet opens fire.

  • Lil Wayne's got a problem keeping time and the good folks at High Times are pissed off about it... after he abruptly ended a pot festival concert. This rapper rapped things up early ranting and raving about who knows what. Only the audience was left to wonder... WTF?

  • Television and film actress Selma Blair was taken on a stretcher to a hospital for treatment after she lost it on a plane. After mixing meds and alcohol she went into an uncontrollable rant. Better add don't drink and fly to your list of good advice... especially for actresses on meds!

  • Curt Schilling, the controversial former baseball player is now a former baseballl commentator. He was finally fired from his nearly 7-year gig at ESPN over a recent Facebook post showing a meme in support of the North Carolina law barring transgender people from using bathrooms that don't... uh... match-up with the equipment they were issued at birth. See? Mention a toilet in public and that's where your career ends up.

  • Margaret Cho, the tattooed Asian comedienne who is known for her edgy style of humor got a little too close to the edge at the Stress Factor comedy club in New Jersey last weekend. Whatever stress she was under she forgot many of her punchlines and resorted to ranting at audience members as many left the show in disappointment. Gives new meaning to her tour name "... There's a Cho in Psycho."

  • Two on-air "personalities" from Fox News were suspended Monday for using profanities during a broadcast in response to President Barack Obama's Sunday terrorism speech. All we can say is: "Do their mother's know they talk like this?" Well... if they were tuned in, they do now!

  • Over here at Into Rehab, we like apologies. And Bono is apparently apologizing... for an apology! While this isn't a celebrity acting his worst, we still feel it's a story we couldn't resist.

  • It's been a tough few years for Amanda Bynes, but her bad behavior never seems to stop. The former child star from the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show, as well as movies What a Girl Wants and Easy A, has proven time and time again that she is a very, very (very) unstable person (for additional proof, check out her Twitter page! She's a loon!).

  • A rocket scientist doesn't always make headlines, at least not for the clothes he wears. Matt Taylor, a scientist for the Rosetta space probe project launched by the ESA to perform a detailed study of a comet, found himself in a bit of a controversy after having appeared on a web broadcast wearing a shirt "decorated with garish comic-book depictions of nubile, but not naked women". Really! Like geeky science guys have never done such things before.