Go To Jail

  • Tiger Woods in the tank for DUI

    Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel in a stopped car at 2:03 AM -- about 8 miles from his house -- when the cops showed up... and uh-oh he was completely out of it. So the 41-year old Woods was hauled in and booked on suspicion of DUI.

  • Cops: Fraudster Posed As Member Of Nickelback

    In a deeply embarrassing fraud scheme, an idiot from Florida actually posed as the drummer for Nickelback in a bid to swindle a company out of $25,000 worth of high-end microphones1]. This mook was himself a drummer and has played with some well-known bands. But really... calling him a celebrity is generous at best. He's soon to be called a felon.

  • Utah Couple Charged With Drone Peeping

    FEBRUARY 15, 2017 - -A Utah mother of six and her boyfriend are facing voyeurism charges for allegedly using a drone to peep into the bedrooms and bathrooms of several victims. Why did this take so long?

  • Police Arrest Mom-Daughter Hooker Team

    A mother-daughter prostitution team is behind bars on Febriary 14 (Valentine's Day!) following their arrest in an undercover sting launched by Florida police. After spotting a backpage.com ad placed by a “SeXy MILF”[1] with an “Awesome Attitude & Personality” who enjoyed performing oral sex without a condom, a cop called to arrange a $100, 30-minute encounter with “Tamara.” You can see where this one went.

  • Cops: Man, 74, Gave Out Hash Cookies At Mass

    FEBRUARY 2--A 74-year-old man has been charged with distributing chocolate chip cookies laced with hash oil to fellow parishioners at an Indiana church, according to investigators. Police this week announced that misdemeanor charges[1] have been filed against Brian Jones in connection with an incident last year at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington.

  • Tom Brady Superfan Sought On Multiple Felony Narcotics Warrants, Records Show

    On the eve of Tom Brady’s seventh appearance in the Super Bowl, the quarterback’s biggest fan (next to this guy[1]) is a wanted man. Victor Thompson, 48, is named in four separate arrest warrants, according to Florida court records. Three of the warrants are for felony narcotics possession cases, while the fourth warrant is for Thompson’s failure to appear in court on another drug case.

  • Cartwheeling Substitute Teacher Exposed Self To High School Choir Class, Police Charge

    A substitute teacher was arrested yesterday for indecent exposure after she performed a cartwheel in a high school choir class “with no under garments on,” police allege. According to cops, Lacey Sponsler, 34, exposed herself to students last Friday at Pawhuska High School in Pawhuska, a city about 50 miles north of Tulsa.

  • Cops: Woman Stabbed Beau Over Threesome

    JANUARY 31--An Arizona woman stabbed her boyfriend with a pair of scissors after he declined her request to engage in a threesome with a woman that the alleged assailant had met at a local dog park, police charge.

  • Cops Snatch Novelty Store Robbery Suspect

    An Arkansas man suspected of robbing an adult novelty store was arrested after a stolen sex toy fell out of his pocket as he was approached by a police officer. Andrew Bell, 30, entered the Seductions store in Fayetteville around 9 PM Wednesday and browsed for about 30 minutes before a worker spotted him walking into a back room “attempting to get out of the sight of the employee,” He was playing hide the salami... really!

  • Jailers Get Eyeful While Booking Woman For DUI

    Meet Kassie Raelyn Rowan. Jail personnel in Tahlequah, Oklahoma  got an eyeful earlier this month when the 19-year-old was booked following her arrest for drunk driving. Rowan was collared late on a Monday evening by a Tahlequah Police Department officer. She is scheduled for a March 13 hearing on the misdemeanor charge.

  • Below Deck's Kate Chastain Arrested for Domestic Violence

    Kate Chastain, star of Bravo reality show Below Deck, was arrested following a fight with her girlfriend in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Chastain, who is the chief stewardess on the series' charter yacht, was charged with battery by strangulation and domestic violence. Decking her girlfriend gets no bravos from us!

  • Fear the Walking Dead's Frank Dillane Arrested for Battery

    Fear the Walking Dead's Frank Dillane was arrested for battery after he allegedly got into a physical altercation with a security guard in Los Angeles, No fear is a bad trait. It can lead to a dead career. And sure enough they had Mr. Walking Dead dead to rights as he did the perp walk downtown.

  • Pawn Stars Austin Chumlee Russell Plea Deal on Weapons, Drug Charges (UPDATED)

    Austin Russell better known as Chumlee to millions of cable TV viewers of the reality show Pawn Stars, who was arrested in Las Vegas on felony weapon and drug charges, may have dodged a bullet. In this newest episode it looks like Chumlee may not be getting chummy with the guards and inmates at the local Vegas hoosegow. His plea deal may just have saved his ass... literally!

  • Rams Safety TJ McDonald Arrested for DUI -- BUT Not Alcohol

    Rams safety T.J. McDonald was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol. What was he taking... stupid pills? And of course he took the shortcut to jail... driving under the influence and crashing a parked car.

  • 'Snow on tha Bluff' documentary star Curtis Snow arrested after SWAT standoff

    Curtis Ward, the would-be actor and con-director behind a critically acclaimed thug documentary, was arrested over the weekend following a standoff with police at a funeral service for his grandfather. This bad actor was acting badly, and when SWAT arrived it was the final act for him.

  • Michael Smith Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys Arrested Then Has Case Dropped (UPDATE)

    Yikes! Actor Michael Smith, known for the role of the lovably goofy Bubbles in the hit show 'Trailer Park Boys', was arrested for domestic battery. Looeds like Bubbles blew it on this one. But in a surprise turnaround the LA City Attorney rejected the case for insufficient evidence. Read how this all happened.

  • 2 Fast 2 Furious Actor Cole Hauser Busted For DUI

    Cole Hauser, who played the villain in the 2003 second installment of the franchise hit 2 Fast 2 Furious proves that life imitates the movies... and life imitates life. Not remembering or caring that another Fast & Furious alumni Paul Walker lost his life behind the wheel, Hauser was busted in LA for DUI after recklessly weaving on the 101 freeway. He was going too fast... and we'll bet his fans and his mamma are now furious.

  • Disney star Debby Ryan busted for DUI apologizes

    Former Disney star Debby Ryan has apologized to her fans following a DUI arrest. The 22-year-old "Jessie" star was apprehended by police after crashing her Audi into a Mercedes in Los Angeles. Right two cars and right city! She failed a field sobriety test and was charged with two misdemeanors: driving under the influence and driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher. The charge of idiot was not mentioned.

  • Margaret Cho Melts Down - Tattoos Still Intact

    Margaret Cho, the tattooed Asian comedienne who is known for her edgy style of humor got a little too close to the edge at the Stress Factor comedy club in New Jersey last weekend. Whatever stress she was under she forgot many of her punchlines and resorted to ranting at audience members as many left the show in disappointment. Gives new meaning to her tour name "... There's a Cho in Psycho."

  • Bobby Shmurda Arrested And Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Murder (UPDATED)

    For someone who has rapped about selling crack since the 5th grade, it's probably no surprise that he would eventually wind up in jail. And now apparently Bobby Shmurda is screaming bloody murder claiming he was framed!